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Male Escort Gigolo Job in Aligarh- Hire Playboy, Callboy Register

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Male Escort is normally a practice of men to give sexual satisfaction to women in return for payment. Nowadays the male escort services like playboy, callboy and gigolo services are being provided in various cities in India and among these male escorts are urgently required for our male escort agency in Aligarh. So if you are interested to join us, please register for callboy job in Aligarh today to get a desired amount of salary before and after meeting with the client.

Things you need to do to become a male escort in Aligarh:

There are certain things on which you need to look up to become a male escort:

  1. Language: We are attending only Indians who know Hindi as well as the English language. So you must be able to understand HINDI or ENGLISH.
  2. Decent: We are not taking the guys those don’t know how to behave properly. So you should be well mannered and decent.
  3. Dress codes: We have certain dress codes for various occasions. So we are only recruiting the guys those are free for the dress codes without any hesitation because you need to dress up according to various occasions.
  4. Cleanliness: We are attending the guys those are careful about cleanliness. Keep it in your mind.
  5. Addiction: We are not attending the candidates those are addicted to drugs or alcohol. So you should not be addicted to drugs and alcohol if you are really interested in a male escort job in Aligarh.
  6. Hygiene: You must be taking your hygiene properly. You should not be an S.T.D affected.

How to become a male escort in Aligarh?

  1. Registration: To become a male escort, Initially, You need to fill up the registration form provided by our site.
  2. Contact: After you complete the registration, you need to submit the form to get a callback. And here you need to pay a small amount of registration fee. Our member will contact you within 24 hrs. after the verification.
  3. Clients: You will get 5-10 clients per month, also you can cancel the meeting you want. You may attain the clients both in their place and hotels also.
  4. Payment:  After you subscribe for membership subscription, you will get 20000 – 25000 per meeting for a full night, 8000 – 14000 for short times i.e. for 4-6 hrs.

Why Choose Escort Service India?

  1. Legal Issue: Our Call boy Agency is totally legal under Indian constitution as male prostitution is not recognized in India.
  2. Privacy: We maintain the privacy of all our members. We don’t share your details with anyone.
  3. Security: We are not attending any unknown clients for your security and confidentiality.
  4. Safety: We are not attending LGBT (L-lesbian, G-gay, B-bisexual, T-transsexual) clients and STD affected clients for your safety.
  5. Genuine Sites: We are now associated & collaborating with some most reputed male & female escort service site where you can register as a male escort, register as a playboy, and register as a call-girl. As well as you can hire male escorts and female escorts from this sites.

Escort Service in India is having experience of so many years in the escort industry and thus has countless networks of reliable male escorts. Our male escorts are very well known for their ability to satisfy the women’s needs and desires, as all our male escorts get proper training to enhance their skills. We have experienced male escorts those having the ability to cater to all kind of tastes and needs of women. The level of service provided by them gives the most romantic moments of true sensuality.

Male escorts Agencies are available to fascinate hi profile clients in India. Among these male escort agencies, our male escort agency mainly provides male escort jobs in Aligarh. We provide careful companionship with handsome and well-mannered men. Hire a Callboy in Aligarh because our well-mannered men always take outstanding care of women.  We also provide affordable and low-cost Gigolo Services in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Agra, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad Noida, Pune etc. So if any lady interested in a sexual experience, then she can easily book a male escort form our agency.

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