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Gigolo is like a woman seeking a male companion and in return, she provides financial support to him. A continuing relationship is often made according to her choice and the relationship is accompanied with sexual services as well to satisfy the woman’s pleasure in bed. Both married and unmarried women are now willing to satisfy themselves with someone providing the best satisfaction and pleasures.

Mature women and girls, nowadays crave for sex to fulfil their sexual desires and wildest fantasies delivering them the ultimate pleasures in bed. If you believe, you have the potential to satisfy and provide the ultimate pleasures to any woman, Register Male escort jobs in Dhanbad today.

How to prepare yourself to become a male escort?

Any interested candidates are allowed to join but there are few preferences to look upon-

  • Language: Candidates must know English or Hindi. Any other language like Spanish, French etc. are also preferable and appreciated as we also accept foreign clients.
  • Decent: Interested candidates need to be decent, polite and well-mannered especially with their clients.
  • Dress-code: Candidate has to be flexible about dress codes and has to dress according to various occasions and client’s desires.
  • Cleanliness: You need to be clean and maintain a good hygiene for becoming a male escort.
  • Addiction: Candidates must not be totally addicted to drugs, alcohol or smoking. But can drink alcohol or smoke according to the client’s demands.
  • Hygiene: You should maintain a good hygienic life in order to become a popular male escort. You should not be STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) affected.

How to become a male escort?

  1. Registration: You need to register yourself by filling out the form provided by us on our site and you just need to provide the required details to us. Be honest while providing the details and you need to pay the minimum registration fees.
  2. Contact: After you complete your registration, submit your form and request for a callback. We will contact you through your details about your membership approval.
  3. Clients: You will get 6-10 clients per month, but you can cancel the meeting if you want. You can attain your clients at your place or at hotel rooms.
  4. Payment: At first, you will need to pay an affordable fee for membership subscriptions. You get 20,000 – 25,000 per meeting for a full night, 10,000 – 15,000 for short times i.e. 4-6 hrs.

Why choose Escort Service India?

  1. No Legal Issue: Our male escort service agency is completely lawful under Indian constitution.
  2. Privacy: We maintain privacy about your details as we do not share your profiles with any third-party agencies.
  3. Security: We never share our member’s confidentiality to anyone under any circumstances.
  4. Safety: We never attend LGBT customers. (L-lesbian, G-gay, B-bisexual, T-transsexual) or STD affected customers.
  5. Genuine Sites: We are now associate & collaborating with some most reputed male & female escort service site where you can register as a male escort, register as a playboy, register as a call-girl. As well as you can hire a male escort from this sites.

Our agency is proud to provide male escort services in Dhanbad and also all over India. Our professional and skilled playboys are 24X7 available and they have the potential to satisfy you completely fulfilling all your desires and guarantee you to provide the best experience and pleasure in bed. Contact us to join for gigolo jobs or to hire male escorts at affordable prices.

Tourists or local women or girls in Dhanbad who wants to have a little enjoyment during your leisure time can hire high profile gigolos from us. If you are looking for top male escorts in Dhanbad contact us and give us an opportunity to deliver you the best, satisfying pleasure from our professional and best call-boys. So, now it’s a moment to create your wildest desires with our professional Call-boys and we guarantee you full satisfaction and relaxation.

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