There is a wrong concept among the guys that they think being a gigolo is all about talking to lonely women, hugging, cuddling and kissing them, and making affairs with them while they are alone or come to a new city for business purposes. But it is absolutely wrong!

Women who hire gigolos are very clearThey want professionalism not just talking or cuddling or hugging. So every woman normally likes to choose gigolos from an agency providing best gigolo jobs and can answer the following two important questions.


Can you provide passionate action?

So when you will be asked this type of question from anyone, you don’t have to send mails regarding how big your penis is and how long it can stay hard. This is not just about the intercourse. This is about your whole experience from beginning to end.

Can you touch her in a way that makes her feel comfortable?

While you will be asked this type of question you should not touch her private parts directly, you must do it after sometimes.

(For example: While fondling her breasts, don’t grab her breasts directly. First, you need to stay away from her breast, take your time and don’t become mad to touch her breasts. More you delay getting to the breasts, more she’ll seek a powerful desire from you to do that. Register with ourgigolo jobs in Bangalore to get more details.)


Apart from the above questions, you may be asked the questions like:

  • Can you give her deep pleasure not just relating to her erogenous zones?
  • Are you a good kisser?
  • Do you know how to use fingers and palm to give her the deepest orgasms which she has not experienced before?
  • Do you know how to use your tongue?
  • Do you know the exact steps to give multiple orgasms whenever she desires?

Just saying “yes” to all the above questions will not work. Saying like you have had many girlfriends previously, you have been married for so many years will not work. Here the main question is: Do you know how to do it? Have you ever done it for women? Did they get satisfaction? Did they love it so much that they were calling you many times even though you were busy with other works? And if they were not calling you, then what is the reason? So, all these questions should come into your mind while you make yourself ready for providing a free gigolo service to a woman.

If you know the tricks of seducing a woman and giving her multiple orgasms, definitely she will be addicted to you. If you are too busy to see her, she will wait for you without any hesitation. Even though there are many gigolos offering their services for free and will be available immediately.

If you don’t know the tricks, Get fast tricks by visiting our gigolo service in Bangalore.

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