Would you like to try man’s dream job? This could be an opportunity to enter into an exciting world of the well-paid Gigolos. Here you will find working as an escort to be rewarding both financially as well as potentially. On the other side of our Gigolo services, we have all the females, who sometimes require the company of a charming male escort.

Are you a female and looking to have an affair? Maybe you don’t have enough time to have the opportunities to meet the new and exciting men. Our escort Agency Desireplayboys can easily offer you that opportunity. Would you like a Gigolo? Are you interested in starting a serious relationship with a man? Visit best Gigolo jobs India.

We require decent Gigolos. Both fresher and experienced people can join us to do the serious work. Here you earn up to Rs. 16,000 in full night meeting and 6000 in day meeting.

Why should you join us:-

1. We are one of the oldest escort agencies providing services to our high profile clients.
2. We don’t share our member’s privacy to anyone. The complete satisfaction and security of our clients is our main priority.
3. We don’t prefer to attend any LGBT clients (L-lesbian, G-gay, B-bisexual, T-transsexual).

Candidate’s Eligibility:-

1. Candidate must know HINDI or ENGLISH.

2. Candidate must be well mannered and descent.

3. Candidate must not be affected by any S.T.D. (sexual transmitted debases).


1. If the information provided by you is found to be wrong in any case, your registration will be canceled.

2. If you will try to contact any client or member after your job without any permission, your registration will be canceled.

3. If any complaint comes from our client regarding blackmailing, misbehave or abuse, your registration will be canceled. There is no compromise at all.

4. If any spyware like camera, voice recorder, GPS found from you at time of Gigolo job, your registration will be canceled immediately.

5. No client details will be provided before joining our Gigolo Services.


We provide services in all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmadabad, Nagpur, Vishakhapatnam, and Vijayawada. If you agree, Then send us your details: name, age, weight, height, City, profession, and Photo. Register with Gigolo job Bangalore to get 50% before and after meeting with our clients.

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