Nowadays, Adult Dating is one of the most taboo and fast-growing online dating niche in all around the world. Every individual seeks for a no-strings-attached, more private and secure affair. Adult dating sites provide a platform for all single and married men and women where each and every one can browse through hundreds of profiles and establish a connection with your desired ones and meet and date to fulfil your own pleasures.

Here are the four steps of how to pick up any hot, sexy and beautiful women on Adult Dating Websites:


First, you need to have your own account with the best adult dating sites. Use free trials to check the quality of the websites. Create your account and pay the minimum membership fee to become a premium user.

While taking your free trials, choose the site depending on the few factors:

  1. If the website consists of more number of women than men.
  2. Check the quality of women.
  3. Profile elements supported by the website such as adding videos, multiple photos to your profile etc.
  4. Ease of use.
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After checking the website with free trials, choose the best website and create your account properly with perfection. Women join online adult dating sites for casual sex, don’t scare them with rubbish romance, and do not be cheesy or judgmental. Be open-minded.

Primary Elements for Creating a Perfect Profile:

  1. Profile Picture: Add a recent photo of yours. Don’t be foolish to hide your face. Research a couple of times by changing your profile photos to check which type of photo is mostly viewed by the women. It is recommended uploading several shots to hot or not and using the one that gets ranked highest. Use a variety of shots while posing, smiling etc. Do not post naked photos as women get warmed up imagining what’s under your boxers.
  2. Video: Add a recorded video with your webcam just to introduce yourself in style just in 30 seconds saying that you are looking for a normal girl to have a bit of fun.
  3. Introduce Yourself: Be truthful, playful and honest while providing the bio information in your profile.
  4. Sexual Interests: Describe and specify what you want from a girl and what you would like to do. Do not be too graphic, be real and normal.



Browse through hundreds and thousands of women profile in adult dating online sites, start contacting the one you like. Do not irritate by continuously texting them even if they don’t reply. Be patient and wait for their responses.

Here are few tips to contact women:

  1. Make them read your message by adding engaging comments.
  2. Play around the subject line. The very first line is the first impression so make it perfect. E.g. “Hey cutie, love your tits :)” – This is a bad subject line.
  3. “WARNING: (Cute Guy Alert) – Fancy Meeting Me This Friday?” – This is a good subject line.
  4. Make them laugh.
  5. Be a little funny with a good sense of humour.
  6. Raise curiosity.
  7. Be compelling.



Create a document to keep track of all the women whom you have contacted so that you remember whom you have contacted earlier, whom you have met earlier.

In the sheet you need the following:

  1. Name– Name of the girl you contacted.
  2. Date– Date and time you contacted her.
  3. Message– The message you sent her.
  4. Replied– Has she replied?
  5. Number– Her phone number.
  6. Hooked up– Did you hook up?
  7. Notes– Is she hot enough for you?



Among all the profiles, there is always some fake ones in the online adult dating sites. You need to be aware of them as they will just be a waste of time and too much annoying for you.

Here is how to judge a profile fake or not:

  • No photos showing her face: A profile with no profile picture showing their face or photos shows that either it is a boy who is just pranking others or women who are not yet fully ready to have the type of fun you want.
  • Unrealistic Conversations: If the conversation is driving too much unrealistic, you should stay away from such profiles.
  • Contacting you with forwarding messages: It might be fake if she asks to get laid much sooner. As hot women willing to get laid are still reserved as they have lots of men messaging them everybody.

Keep these tips in your mind while dating someone online, be perfect, honest and stay away from fake users.

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